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Sci-Fi Podcasts

Hosts of Eden - Seasons 1 & 2 (Available Now)


Hosts of Eden is a modern radio drama, written and performed by Jay Mcfarland. Season 1's 11-part fictional podcast serial was just the beginning of the cliff-hanger science fiction fun. Season 2 drops March 5. While Marian and Mason are trying to adjust to their new role as guardians of the Genesis device, the nation is faced with a new threat. Someone or something is able to jump from one body to the next, allowing them to infiltrate high-security military installations and leaving a trail of bodies behind. No one knows what they are looking for or how to stop them. Having no other options, the President of the United States seeks Marian’s help with the hope that she can use her newfound abilities to track down this elusive enemy. Marian reluctantly agrees and is then on a path that eventually causes her to question whether or not the Hosts of Eden are the only ones who want the bodies of mankind.


Books by Jay Mcfarland

Freedom Ain't Free goes beyond the partisan rhetoric of the day to explain how our current government is removing rights in the name of protecting them. Jay Mcfarland cuts through today's emotional arguments and clearly defines how a free society is supposed to function, and what price we each must pay in order to maintain our freedoms. Through humorous personal experiences and undeniable logic, Freedom Ain't Free clearly identifies the frustration that most Americans feel with their government and then goes even further by presenting new solutions to some of the most difficult challenges of our day. This book will redefine how you view the United States government and what role we all must play in restoring this nation to the principles that made it the greatest nation on the earth.


Joyful Union is designed to make a difference in your marriage today!.

Inside this book you will find easy to understand concepts that will help you find the magic from the early days in your marriage and make it last a lifetime.

There is absolutely no reason for the love within any marriage to fade away. People who fall “out of love” make choices everyday that ultimately cause this disaffection to occur!


Videos by Jay Mcfarland

How I overcame homelessness and suicide

Watch this 45 minute video where Jay talks about the power of failure and how he was able to overcome some very difficult circumstances. 


How to self publish ebooks

Watch this 30 minute video and learn how to get your ebook to market with absolutely no upfront costs. The process could not be easier so there are no more excuses. 


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